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AFTERPARTZ is the place for all your automotive customization needs. Currently our product line includes ①Jump Starter, ②GPS Tracker, ③Work Light, ④LED/HID Conversion Light as well as ⑤Bicycle Accessory. Among Work Light, we have light bars, driving lights and LED searchlights. Among LED/HID Conversion Light, we have headlights, angel eyes, fog lights, DRLs and signal lights. Among Bicycle Accessory, we have e-bike conversion kits, e-bike batteries, adaptors and bike disc brakes. We provide you with almost everything for your vehicle and we are constantly introducing more and more products. We also welcome the support of reputable suppliers and resellers as partners. If you are one of them, feel free to contact us.


From early 2013 to now, AFTERPARTZ buils its reputation step by step.
On the one hand, we have expanded our warehouses which helps shipping out orders not only from China but also from local USA, UK and Germany. Currently we have more than 3 warehouses within USA, such as in Kansas, Kentucky and New Jersey. We are shipping more and more products to the above countries so customers can freely choose shipping either from China or from their native place.
On the other hand, we have built up our brand not only in the field of jump starters but also in that of lighting. You can easily find out AFTERPARTZ brand products online. All these branded products are of high quality as that's the first and primary factor we make them AFTERPARTZ products.

Main Products at AFTERPARTZ

We take pride in research and development on small portable jump starters. From 2013 to 2015, we have successfully introduced the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations jump starters. The first generation products are of small size which were meant to replace the old heavy lead-acid batteries. The second generation ones are made with built-in intelligent protection and the 3rd generation ones are smarter and much more powerful. Besides jump starters, lighting is another field that we are proud of. So far, we have AFTERPARTZ brand searchlights, AFTERPARTZ brand light bars, AFTERPARTZ brand angel eyes, etc. High quality with reasonal price is the main factor that makes us succeed.



Our mission is to be a high-performance company that attracts customers, exceeds their expectations and provides high quality automotive accessories in the process. We are committed to offering good service and guarantee customer satisfaction. We are with you every step of the way and would be more than happy to offer any help or advice.

Information about AFTERPARTZ

Contact Email: support@afterpartz.com (Customer service working time: Sunday to Thursday 9:00pm-6:00am EST except public and statutory holidays.)
Company: Katmai Technology Limited
Company location: Flat 1201, Floor 12, HAREST BUILDING 29-37, WING KUT ST CENTRAL 999077, HONG KONG
Warehouse location: USA, UK, Germany, China

Payment Methods at AFTERPARTZ

AFTERPARTZ currently accepts PayPal for all orders. For order over $100, AFFIRM is provided too.


We ship items the way you choose. For standard shipping, it normally takes about 10-20 days. For express shipping, it will reach you 3-5 days and for domestic shipping it usually takes less than 1 week. We believe that the quality of the design, the high quality of the items and the unbeatable price are worth the wait.